Pequeña suite peninsular · osm34

15,00  IVA Incluido

wind quintet
10 pages, ByW, A4 portrait
Level: medium
Catalog number: osm34
Publishing code: EDEN0004
ISMN: 979-0-9018871-4-5
Legal Deposit: M-34946-2017

Pequeña suite peninsular was created in August 2004 by request of Union Musical de Almansa’s wind quintet, conducted by David Sánchez and with these components: Estela Córcoles (flute), Nieves (oboe), Aurora Navarro (clarinet), Rocío Matea (horn) and Paula (bassoon).

It’s a tonal-modal piece, written mostly in the key of E flat major and its diatonic modes. The piece is divided in four parts: Preludio, Jota, Muñeira and Bulería, each one is a traditional dance from a diferent part of the Spanish geography: jota comes from Aragón and Castilla, muñeira from Galicia, and bulería from Andalucía; the first part, preludio, has also musical elements from the south of Spain.

There are in the piece some percussive sounds, also produced by the quintet members, giving interest at the traditional music atmosphere. This is the case of the instrument keys as castanets, or the air frullato as tambourine, or even the ‘taconeos’ (hills sounds) at the bulería.

This piece was premiered at the 1st European Festival of Young Musicians, in Bordeaux, France, October 2004, reppresenting Spain.

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