Danzas migrantes · osm105#4

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You can download the parts from the following links:links:
Flute part
Clarinete (Bb) part
Bandurrias I/Mandolins I part
Bandurrias II/Mandolins II part
Lutes part
Guitars part
Double bass part
Percussion 1 part
Percussion 2 part

The series of works Perpetuum mobile, osm105#, has been commissioned by Education Area at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum (Madrid, Spain) together with the BBVA Foundation.

Perpetua chorea was the closing of this project, after having done the trilogy of musical walkingsduring different dates. This act happened on February 21st 2020 and the piece that closed the event was this one, Danzas migrantes, that is a summary of all the project Perpetuum mobile. In the main video you can watch the premiere with Orquesta Ciudad de La Mancha conducted by Fernando Bustamante, and the paintings from the museum that served as inspiration for every dance of the piece. During the premiere, we used the hall of the museum as a ball-room.

Title:Danzas migrantes
Subtitle:Closing piece por the project "Perpetuum mobile"
Catalog num:osm105#4
Series:Perpetuum mobile · osm105#
Commissioned by:National Musem Thyssen-Bornemisza / Fundación BBVA
Dedicated to:Orquesta Ciudad de La Mancha and its conductor, Fernando Bustamante
Instrumentation:Plectrum orchestra + winds + percussion
Duration:31 min
Written in:Altea, 2020'II
Pages num:70
Premiere:2020'II'21, National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza (Madrid)
Publishing ref:EDEN0002


Fragments from the event Perpetua Chorea, closing of Perpetuum mobile:

(this first piece is Pequeña Suite Peninsular, by Sonia Megías)