About us

EdicionesDelantal is composer Sonia Megías‘ publishing company. She created it in 2011 at the Newyorker neighborhood of Brooklyn as DelantalEditions, and it has the Madrilian neighborhood of Lavapiés as its current headquarters. EdicionesDelantal is focused on publishing pieces by its editor, Sonia Megías, and specially the ones that use staff on paper.

The five collections:
SoloCollection contains pieces for solo instrument or solo voice
ChamberCollection is composed by pieces for chamber groups up to 4 instruments
EnsembleCollection is made by pieces for instrumental groups for 5 or more instruments
SymphonicCollection is dedicated to pieces for bigger groups
ChoralCollection contains music for choir or vocal ensembles.
PelCollection is dedicated to pieces by vocal duet Dúa de Pel (Eva Guillamón and Sonia Megías).
EarthCollection are transcriptions of indigenous music.
WordCollection are physical books mainly made of words.

You can watch the composer’s catalog (osm and asm), by following this link.
If you are interested in any work or arteSonía that you can’t find on the web, please let us know and we’l upload it for you.

EdicionesDelantal’s logo is made in two parts: el title in Courier New, and the sound waves from the chorus CoroDelantal of New York saying homophonically  “CoroDelantal”, idea of artist Merche Blasco.

The current team is made by Orquídea Sánchez Azorín, contents manager, and Sonia Megías.