CD Madera de pájaro (2021)

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Lyrics and poems by Eva Guillamón
Music and arrangements by Sonia Megías

Sonia Megías: voice, ukulele and percussion
Eva Guillamón: voice and percussion
David Mayoral: percussions
Miguel Ángel Real: marimba
Tomás Merlo: double bass

Percussions recording: Antonio Astray in Fonoraptor Studios (Madrid)
Marimba recording, percussions and marimba edition: Natalia Martz in Planet 8 Studios (Madrid)
Details recording for Duelo Congelado: Mans Studios (A Coruña)
Effects: DCat (Alacant)
Voices recording, mix and master: Adkinsound (Alacant)
Graphic design: Isis Gayo

Madrid, Alacant, A Coruña, 2021

+34 669 512 290