Ajedrez (violin + violoncello)

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There’s no parts.
Both performers read from the general score.

Title: Ajedrez

Catalog number: osm36#

Dedicated to: my uncle Ángel Simón Gómez for his 50th birthday

Instrumentation: violin + violoncello

Duration: 12 min.

Written in: Murcia, 2005'IV

Publishing Refference: EDCA0028

Number of pages: 6

Premiere: Visit page


Audio from the premiere, on May 17th 2005 @ the High Conservatory of Music of Murcia. The brave performers were Pilar Crespo (vln) and Laura Giménez (vlc):

After the premiere, I highlight a couple of re-releases of the piece:

  • Selected by José Mª Sánchez Verdú to be performed by Trío Dhamar (Madrid) at the II Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea “Molina Actual” (Molina de Segura, Murcia), on 19/V/2005.
  • Concert Sonia Megías, Fundación Entredós (Madrid), on 24/I/2009, by Pilar Crespo (vln) and Laura Giménez (vlc).

The piece, in an early version of the catalog, was op. 49. That is why some articles talk about the piece referring to this numbering. Today it’s osm36#, that is, cycle of works by Sonia Megías number 49. The # refers to the fact that it is a cycle and that each movement can be performed independently.