Suite de Alejandría (piano)

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Title: Suite de Alejandría

Catalog number: osm92#v2

Series: Rosa en Alejandría · osm92# (version for solo singing pianist)

Dedicated to: Rosa Torres-Pardo

Instrumentation: Pianista cantante

Duration: 13 min.

Written in: Corme, 2021`II

Level: high

Publishing Refference: EDSO0006

ISMN: 979-0-9018874-8-0

Number of pages: 15

Orientation: portrait

Color: color


Video of the premiere by Rebeca Píriz (Tenerife, 2021):

Audio for training (MIDI sound):

Notes on the piece:

Suite de Alejandría is the version for singing pianist of the piece Rosa en Alejandría (for piano and flamenco singer, commissioned by Rosa Torres-Pardo and premiered by herself together with Rocío Márquez at the National Auditorium of Madrid in 2018).

The work is a timeless journey that departs from the curiosity for the prediluvian civilizations and for the documents about them that were intentionally burned in the fires and other attacks against the ancient Library of Alexandria, great archive of the Western world. The performer embodies a priestess of Horus (shemsu hor) narrating through the piano and voice places and seasons of life around the three seasons of the Nile River:

Shemu (dry season): Library, Harvest Nana, Market.
Ajet (wet season, flood): Feast and catastrophe, Dance.
Peret (sowing season): Fertilizing the land, Closing.