Moo Li Hua (voces, crótalo, laúd + cajón)

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Title: Moo Li Hua

Catalog number: asm37#6v1

Series: Arreglos para Dúa de Pel · asm37#

Dedicated to: Ana Wu

Original composer: Traditional from China

Instrumentation: 2 altos with chime in G, lute + cajon

Duration: 3 min.

Written in: Altea, 2019'VIII

Level: medium

Publishing Refference: EDPE0016

Number of pages: 6

Orientation: portrait

Color: color

Premiere: Visit page


The piece doesn’t contain parts because it’s meant to train from the full score and learn it by heart from group rehearsals.


Hao i dua mei li di moo li hua,
hao i dua mei li di moo li hua.

Fen fan mei li man zhï ia,

iou xiang iou bai, ren ren kua.

“¡Rang wo lai!”
Jiang ni zhai xia.
Song guei bie ren jia,

moo li hua, ia moo li hua.
What a beautiful jasmine flower,
What a beautiful jasmine flower.
How sweet you smell,
How delicious, full of little insects.

“She’s white and shining!”
Says everyone.
Let me grab you,
jasmine flower, jasmine flower.

Premiere, at Sala Berlanga (Madrid), on May 9th 2019. Dúa de Pel + Ayna Whistler:

The piece was premiered as part of festival Hoy, compositoras, from Fundación SGAE, curated by Marisa Manchado.
You can read (in Spanish) a review by Revista Doce Notas.

Training video: