Libro objeto ‘Mujeres Dadá’

25,00  IVA incluido / Taxes included

Title: Mujeres Dadá

Subtitle: book-object

Original composer: Various authors

Number of pages: 50 cards + magazine (32 pgs)

Orientation: portrait

Color: color


Mujeres Dada is a book-object conceived by Ximo Rochera and Lucía Peiró and published by Ediciones Canibaal (Valencia, September 2021). It contains 16 women artists who reside in Spain and create influenced by Dada movement: Nieves CorreaYolanda Pérez HerrerasDenys BlackerAna MateyMontserrat PalaciosMarta ErreSonia MegíasMaría TamaritKoke VegaIsabel LeónAna GestoLina VilaPia SommerManuela Martínez RomeroAbel Loureda y Lucía Peiró.

The box you will receive at home contains:
– a set of female Spanish cards (50 cards) in 14×20cm format, which on one side shows the figures of a deck of Spanish cards with drawings and interpretations made by each artist and on the back the technical, biographical and work of each of the artists (three cards per artist).
– a Dada magazine of 14X20cm format and 32 pages, which details an explanation of the project and a Dada synthesis, the biographical note of each of the artists and some proposals for card games.