Keep Your Head Up, Sister! (SMA)

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Audio for study (Sonia Megías + MIDI + drum kit).

You can download the audios for the voices from these links:
Soprano 1 audio file
Soprano 2 audio file
Mezzo 1 audio file
Mezzo 2 audio file
Alto audio file

Title: Keep Your Head Up, Sister!

Catalog number: asm38#1

Series: Arrangements for Coro Malvaloca · asm38#

Dedicated to: Coro Malvaloca (Madrid)

Original composer: Paula Padilla del Valle

Instrumentation: female chorus SMA

Duration: 3' 20"

Written in: Altea, 2020'IV

Publishing Refference: EDCO0056

Number of pages: 8


Original song, written by Paula Padilla del Valle for her group O, Sister!