KR1. Creación (clarinet)

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The piece can be performed by a soloist clarinet and ensemble, or with solo clarinet and electronics.

Feel free to download the parts from the following links:
Clarinet part
Double bass part
Percussion 1 part (nails/shakers)
Percusión 2 part (cajon)
Percussion 3 (tubular bells and surdo)
Audio for electronics (for study or concert)

Title: KR1. Creacion

Subtitle: dance on the Mayan rhythm of creation

Catalog number: osm92#1v2

Series: KR · osm92#

Dedicated to: clarinet player Marta Sancho

Instrumentation: clarinet + double bass + 3 percussions

Duration: 6 min.

Written in: Corme (A Coruña), 2021'I

Level: high

Publishing Refference: EDEN0010

Number of pages: 17

Orientation: landscape

Color: color


Some videos of the piece, in different versions (alto sax+electronics, and flute+ensemble):

Audio from the electronics that could accompany the solo clarinet: