Tres tangos (soprano sax)

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From the following link you can download the soprano sax part

Title: Tres tangos

Catalog number: osm12#v13

Series: Tres tangos · osm12# (version for soprano sax and piano)

Dedicated to: Nacho Solana Serrano

Instrumentation: soprano sax + piano

Duration: 10 min.

Written in: Santa Pola, 2022'I

Publishing Refference: EDCA0020

Number of pages: 17


Three tangos, in a version for soprano sax and piano.

Each of the three tangos was originally written in a different date, place and for a different instrumentation:

  • Tango num. 1 is original for piano and violin, written in Almansa (Albacete) and premiered by Inmaculada Almendros and Sonia Megías in a Saint Cecilia at the Teatro Principal of Almansa.
  • Tango num. 2 is original for soloist double bass (in D) and piano, written in Trieste (Italia) in 2003 and dedicated to Allan von Schenkel, who played it hundreds of times by the USA, including the Smithsonian National Museum of Contemporary Art in Washington, or the UN Headquarters in New York.
  • Tango num. 3 is original for flute and piano, written in La Navata (Madrid) in 2015 and dedicated to Lorena Barile and Laurence Verna, performers at the premiere at the Royal Accademy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, in Madrid, during a concert organized by the association Women in Music Spain.

When I thought about writing the Tango num. 3, I decided to put the three tangos together into the same piece, that can be divided or played the whole thing.

Vídeo of the version for flute and piano:

Training audio: