Not Today · osm104#2

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The piece can be sung in chest voice by a tenor (woman or man), and also by a soprano in head voice an octave higher.

Title:Not Today
Catalog num:osm104#2
Series:Cabaret Songs · osm104#
Commissioned by:Rosa Torres-Pardo
Dedicated to:Miguel Muñiz
Text by:Eva Guillamón
Instrumentation:tenor/soprano + piano
Written in:Altea, 2020'III
Pages num:7
Premiere:2020'X'17, Series Fronteras from the National Center of Music. National Auditorium (Madrid). Rosa Torres-Pardo and Clara Muñiz.
Publishing ref:EDCA0011
SGAE Number:19.499.636


Video of the premiere, with Rosa Torres-Pardo at the piano and Clara Muñiz as the singer. October 17th 2020, National Auditorium (Madrid):